Emotion, Enemies and Enrolling in the Vision

Hey Cinergy Nation, What an amazing week! Seriously, I heard some powerhouse visions of leadership and
growth in our ranks. You all are crushing it.

Now, let’s cut the crap and get to the heart of it. Breakthroughs. We’re talking raw emotion, picking your enemies, and rallying others around your vision. These are the cornerstones I expect you to nail down in your business and your lives. “What the hell are you talking about?” you might be asking. Well, sit tight, let me break it down for you.

We all get sick of our own stories. We mix up the words, throw in a little word salad, and hope it makes sense. Enough of that. Time to reconnect with the raw emotion that kickstarted your journey – the fire that lit you up to start this business, take that job, or solve
that problem. Maybe it was an old boss who said you couldn’t hack it. Maybe it was a partner you had to ditch. Maybe you just got fed up with the healthcare system. Whatever it was, that emotional connection to your enemy can fuel your passion and elevate your voice.

For me, it’s the grind we all put ourselves through because we think it has to be hard. It’s the client who still owes me money because he claimed “these leads suck” and couldn’t sell. It’s the ex who pointed out all my flaws. These experiences pushed me to envision something greater for myself and this organization. They transformed me from feeling like an imposter to becoming a sherpa. We cast visions every damn day. Visions for our companies, our organizations, and how we want to change the world. But here’s the kicker – is your vision compelling enough to get others on board? When you speak it into existence, does it inspire others?

Remember, it only takes 12 fully committed people to change the world. The bolder the vision, the stronger the movement. Emotions give us the words that transfer conviction, not just sales pitches. Enemies – like personal failures, naysayers, crappy competitors, old-school thinking, and broken systems – can unite us in a common cause.

Enrolling people in your vision of a better world can create a movement far beyond what you can achieve alone. Use this in your marketing, your sales process, your recruiting efforts, and when you need that extra push to get up and fight another day.

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