Cinergy Innovation Accelerator

$1,499.00 / month

Unlock your business’s potential with the Cinergy Innovation Federal Accelerator, which goes beyond the standard cohort model to offer comprehensive support for securing SBIR/STTR funding and driving growth through expert-led workshops, coaching, and personalized innovation strategies.

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, companies must constantly adapt and innovate to stay ahead of the competition. For mid-market growth companies, this can be a particularly daunting challenge, as they often lack the resources and expertise of larger organizations. That’s where Cinergy comes in. Cinergy is a network of best-of-breed technology providers and C-level consultants who are dedicated to driving business transformation for mid-market growth clients. 

What you get:

  • Tech Deep Dive and Federal Funding opportunities beyond SBIR|STTR  Seminar 100 thousand foot level understanding 
  • Group Coaching and One-on-One Tech Deep Dives to identify opportunities and build a strategic plan for finding funding 
  • Access and training 
  • Six Key Factor Workshop
  • Post Workshop Survey 
  • Executive Summary/Project Plan 
  • Proposal Writing Workshop
  • Proposal Development Review 
  • On-going 6 month sprint for finding first stage funding identification

Plus a Cohort and Cinergy Membership:

  • 1 peer to peer to pro power circle referral marketing workshop
  • 2 hrs of sales coaching each month
  • 12 strategic introductions per year
  • Exclusive access to Cinergy events
  • 1 podcast guest spot per year
  • 1 newsletter features spot per year
  • 1 Cinergy directory listing
  • Member to member pricing