CXOach (Chief Exit Officer Coaching)

$7,500.00 / month

Do you need a CROACH?

Introducing the dynamic trio of coaching expertise for small businesses: the “CROACHING” Chief Exit, Chief Revenue, and Chief Go To Market coaches! With their unique blend of experience and guidance, they are here to help your business thrive through seamless innovation.

First up is the “CROACHING” Chief Exit coach. They will provide invaluable insights and strategies to ensure a successful exit for your business. Whether it’s through mergers, acquisitions, or selling, their expertise will guide you towards a smooth transition.

Next, we have the Chief Revenue coach. With their proven methods, they’ll help you uncover hidden revenue streams and optimize your financial performance. From analyzing profit margins to exploring new avenues for growth, they’ll assist you in maximizing your revenue potential.

Lastly, we have the Chief Go To Market coach. Their marketing prowess will elevate your business by developing effective strategies to reach your target audience. From branding to product positioning, they’ll help you stand out in a competitive market.

Embrace the power of “CROACHING” coaching and witness the positive transformation of your small business. With their expert guidance, your journey towards innovation and success will be smoother than ever. Don’t miss the opportunity to thrive with their assistance!

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, companies must constantly adapt and innovate to stay ahead of the competition. For mid-market growth companies, this can be a particularly daunting challenge, as they often lack the resources and expertise of larger organizations. That’s where Cinergy comes in. Cinergy is a network of best-of-breed technology providers and C-level consultants who are dedicated to driving business transformation for mid-market growth clients.

What’s included:

  • 8 sales appointments a month with Ideal Client Profile
  • Sales Strategy Meeting and Account Strategy
  • Marketing Messaging Review
  • Marketing Strategy Review
  • Prospect Experience Consulting
  • Sales Management Meeting KPI Development
  • Operational Execution Meetings and Review
  • Org Development Planning Meeting

Plus a Cinergy Membership:

  • 1 peer to peer to pro power circle referral marketing workshop
  • 2 hrs of sales coaching each month
  • 12 strategic introductions per year
  • Exclusive access to Cinergy events
  • 1 podcast guest spot per year
  • 1 newsletter features spot per year
  • 1 Cinergy directory listing
  • Member to member pricing

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