Peer To Peer Learning Creates Relationships that
Drive Results

Cinergy is not your average mastermind group.

Our mid-market businesses partner together to solve big problems. We leverage each other in teams that come together to make transformative strategies growth and change.

What We Do

What We Do

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, companies must constantly


For mid-market growth companies, this can be a particularly daunting challenge, as they often lack the


of larger organizations.

Position yourself for strength for you and your team.

Let’s discuss how each of us can contribute to the strength of our team by maximizing individual potentials. Sharing your insights and experiences can inspire others to achieve greater heights.

Recruit and refer your team like it’s your business.

We’ll explore the power of networking & referrals as we treat the team’s growth as our personal business endeavor. Your connections & recommendations play a vital role in our success.

Inspire others for greater results and growth.

Share stories of personal and professional growth that have stemmed from inspiration. Our individual and team-wide progress is rooted in the motivation we provide one another.

Move the needle, drive KPIs for new business growth.

Let’s brainstorm strategies to continually push the boundaries and enhance our key performance indicators. Our commitment to progress will steer us toward new opportunities.

Energize and inspire the team.

Your enthusiasm and positivity are infectious, creating an environment of growth & abundance. Let’s discuss how to collectively maintain this spirit to achieve remarkable outcomes.