Whitespace and 10x:

 Life Hacks for Success from Cinergy Nation

Alright, listen up. There’s a bunch of life hacks I swear by, and if I could just get my clients to follow these, we’d all be rolling in success. So here we go:

1. Sweatpants First, Dress Pants Later
Get comfy before you get formal. It sets the tone.
2. Audible 20-30 Books a Year
Yeah, that’s right. Turn your commute into a university.
3. Walk 10k Steps or More a Day
Your body ain’t a paperweight. Move it!
4. Push-ups
Do more than yesterday. Outdo yourself.
5. Fire 2 People a Year
Yep, cut out the energy vampires in your life or business. They’re dragging you down.
6. 5 Minutes with Your Kids
No advice, no corrections, just listen. Put a timer on if you have to.
7. Join a Mission-Driven Organization
Give back. It’s good for the soul and the community.
8. Random Acts of Kindness
Buy a coffee for the car behind you. It’s good karma.
9. Quarterly Off-Sites
Take your team out, brainstorm, and really work on your traction. No distractions.
10. Ask Yourself 3 Times a Day “Is this the most profitable way to use my time?”
If the answer’s no, change course.

Now, let’s be real about number 10. We all get caught up in the chaos, reacting to every little fire that pops up. But that’s not a growth strategy. It’s survival mode.

Here’s the Kicker

How much time did you spend this week on a 10x strategy for your business? Not 2x, not 5x—10x. Think big. It’s about innovation and relationships that can multiply your impact, not just add to it.

Do you have these strategies set? Shared them with your peers? Got someone holding you accountable? If not, what are you waiting for?

10x is easier than 2x because it forces you to ask, “How do I thrive, not just survive?” Fall back in love with your business by envisioning something so massive you can’t help but chase it. Suddenly, those client, prospect, and employee issues are just speed bumps, not roadblocks.

If you don’t have the white space in your calendar to work on those 10x things then you are still in survival mode.

So, Cinergy Nation, are you ready to level up?

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