Engaged Relationships
Drive Results

Engaged Relationships
Drive Results

Cinergy is not your average mastermind group. It’s a carefully curated space where vendors with complementary offerings come together to forge strong trading partnerships, foster direct referrals, establish potent marketing alliances, and collectively amplify vendor value creation.

Our mission is to provide a platform for you to enhance your business, collaborate with industry peers, and explore new avenues of growth.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Process Optimization
  • Business Transformation
  • Sales Team Development

11.7 billion

Dollars worth of businesses

Working together

25 million

A week in

Deal flow

Get a Special Forces Team for Any Problem Needed To Be Solved

Get a Special Forces Team for Any Problem Needed To Be Solved

From Business Transformation, Technology Adoption, Go to Market, our members come together to solve big problems for our shared clients.

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What Our Members Say About Cinergy

“I just finished a whiteboard session with the Cinergy Innovation team. It exceeded my expectations. I thought, at a minimum, I would get a little bit of clarity on what I am trying to accomplish by productizing our services. Little did I know I would have this much clarity and direction in just 4 short hours. Tony, Jay, and Peter did an amazing job of understanding my business and guiding me through a process that felt natural and fluid. Highly recommended.”

David Anderson

Field of Talent, CEO

"Joining Cinergy has been a game-changer for my business. Within the first 30 days, I had the opportunity to meet 25 new businesses, each offering unique insights and potential for collaboration. The weekly networking sessions have been invaluable, providing consistent opportunities to connect with new members and expand my professional network. Cinergy's support for the Manufacturing of the Midwest group has been particularly beneficial. Through these connections, I have been able to help five of my clients find the resources and partnerships they needed to grow and succeed."